The bold and the beautiful

Artist in profile

Name: Peter Hiller

Age: 78

Location: Sandy Bay, Hobart


PETER Hiller is a Tasmanian artist with an academic background in visual art education.

He is well known for his large watercolour paintings and drawings of the Hobart waterfront and local street and landscapes.

Since 2007, Peter has been working with acrylics on canvas and has yearly solo exhibitions at the Colville Street Gallery in Battery Point.

He began his lengthy career as an art teacher on King Island, taught at schools in Hobart and Burnie, lectured at the Hobart Teachers College, the Tasmanian School of Art and spent more than 20 years in charge of art education at the Faculty of Education at the University of Tasmania.

During this time, he held numerous administrative positions including the deputy head of faculty, academic dean and treasurer of the national Institute of Art Education. He was awarded a Visiting Fellowship at the Institute of Education at London University and was a guest lecturer in art education at Columbia University, New York.

While some of his work is devoted to capturing the images, colours and textures present in the Tasmanian landscape, Peter says he is also interested in the “spontaneous gestural effects of line, colour and texture for their own sake.”

“I believe there is an influence of the French moderns in my work and I am sure that my years teaching contemporary art school graduates have also had a positive effect on me,” he says.

“As an artist who sells work, I do have problems trying to come to some compromise between my own personal preferences and those of the public. I suppose this is why I have always been interested in art education and the fostering of appreciation.”

You can discover more of Peter Hillers’ work online via his blog: